The story

About us

Our story began with a vision shared by our founders Rod Bishop and Ross Lin. One of a world with better passenger transport, for more people. Where everyone is empowered to travel anywhere, without having to own a vehicle.

Back in 2007, Rod, a keen green traveller and transport expert, was running a long-distance ridesharing network for travellers in New Zealand with the view that there had to be better and more sustainable ways for people to travel than by everyone owning their own car. It was while running this ridesharing community that Rod met e-commerce and geo-spatial expert Ross.

Armed with their combined skills and expertise, and shared beliefs about how technology can improve lives and how much simpler the transport world could be for travellers, the pair came together to create a website for bookable land transport. After years spent knee-deep in data and developing a format for gathering and communicating non-public transport information that could be compared, booked in advance and paid for at fixed prices, was officially launched in 2012.

We know that travellers often have a hard time finding and booking transfers due to complex pricing and coverage, so today we focus on connecting travellers to private transfer and shared shuttle companies, and doing that really well. We’ve grown our start-up business into a successful platform used by hundreds of thousands of travellers needing transfers every year.

At our core, we’re a data company with a passion for transport, and our founding belief runs through everything we do: access to transport and transport information should be easy, painless and seamless for everyone. The key to our success is that our technology has been built from the ground up for how transfer companies actually work and our focus is on directly connecting every traveller to every transfer company, cutting out the confusing middle man. By partnering with new transfer companies daily, we bring unparalleled coverage and supply to the industry.

We’ve come a long way from our first ever booking. Today, our team and product are multi-award winning, trusted by hundreds of thousands of travellers each year and thousands of transfer companies around the world, and we have successful partnerships with top international travel brands like Flight Centre, Amadeus, Expedia, SkyScanner and Rome2Rio. We work every day to help even more passengers travel seamlessly, and will continue to do so until our mission is achieved. We think better living starts with better mobility, and we’re here to help make it happen.