Transfer Company FAQs

Before you join

How does work? is a transfer comparison website that connects thousands of ground transport companies with a global network of travellers and travel agents. Our mission is to give travellers access to seamless transport experiences. We offer a platform for transfer companies like you to sell transport to passengers, and for passengers to book directly with transfer companies.

  • The passenger selects and purchases your service on
  • Once payment is processed through, all bookings are instantly confirmed.
  • The passenger and transfer companies receive a booking confirmation email.
  • Transfer companies will receive a booking reminder email 24 hours prior to travel.
  • Optional SMS reminders are also available, too. Passenger travels on requested travel date.
  • You get paid the month after travel.


What are the benefits of joining

There are plenty of benefits!

  • Make more money online:Fully confirmed, pre-paid bookings for your company –There’s no need to worry about payments or invoices as you will receive a travel statement with all your bookings from each month.
  • Work your way: Charge whatever rates you want, service wherever and whenever you want. You don't need to change the way you work to list your services on – our goal is to help you get more bookings.
  • Reach new customers: Get more bookings from thousands of new online customers, travel agents, technology partners and more.
  • Easy bookings: You’ll only received confirmed bookings, no time wasters. All bookings have confirmed travel details.
  • Get paid: Accurate accounts and reliable payments, on time every time.


How do I list on

It’s super simple– just get in touch with us. Fill out our Transfer Supplier enquiry form or send us an email at with your details and we’ll be in touch.

Do I have to pay to be listed on your website?

Nope! It’s totally free. You simply tell us your pricing, and adds a small commission on top of each booking.

How does the payment process work?

Once a payment is received from the passenger, will hold payment on behalf of the passenger until the transfer is successfully completed.

Once travel is completed successfully, will transfer payment to the transfer company.

Note: If travel pick-up is not completed successfully due to an unsuccessful pick-up by the supplier, will refund money to the passenger. If you have any questions about your travel statements, payments or need to update your bank details, you can email us at

When do I get paid? Do I need to send an invoice to will send you travel statements each month with a clear breakdown of all your completed bookings and will transfer your payment each month.

I’m already listed on

The price you’ve listed online is wrong, why is that?

While we endeavour to ensure all pricing is correct, occasionally the wrong price is advertised. This could be due to us estimating how much a fare may cost to a destination that hasn’t been filled out in the supplier proposal sheet. To help ensure prices are consistent, please make sure that you fill out the supplier proposal sheet as accurately as possible, and advise us of your latest price lists by emailing

Note: The fare specified on a booking confirmation is the contracted rate with minus commissions. If the fare is incorrect, please email us at as soon as possible. If you receive a booking with an incorrect fare, please reply to the confirmation email and advise us of the correct fare and why you believe the fare is incorrect. Our support team will then review the new rate and advise if the booking will proceed or not. We will then update the fare on for future bookings.

How do I contact (For instance to update prices, service areas, availability or remove listing?)

It’s easy! If you need to update your prices or your service area, just send us an email at You can also email us if you’re unavailable for a certain period; just let your account manager know and we’ll change your availability accordingly.

Remember: It is your responsibility to keep up-to-date with your company’s information such as availability, operational hours and surcharges. It’s important you advise us of any changes as soon as you can by sending us an email.

If you’d like to be removed from, we’re sad to see you go, but understand there are a number of reasons why you may no longer be able to list yourself as a transfer company with us. Simply send us an email at

After you receive a booking

I’ve received a booking. What now?

Once a customer has made a booking through, you will receive a booking confirmation email with the following information:

  • Service Type (shared or private)
  • Travel details, including:
  • Travel date
  • Flight time
  • Flight number
  • Total passengers
  • Pick-up address
  • Drop-off address
  • Payment details
  • Meeting instructions
  • Travel Agent details (if booking is through a travel agent) including:
  • Agent name
  • Agent email
  • Passenger contact details
  • Extra items requested by passenger
  • Any additional notes


It is then up to you to contact your passenger to organise a pick-up time and confirm drop-off and pick-up destinations. is a comparison site so we simply connect you with passengers.To ensure a great customer experience, you need to directly contact your passengers to confirm this information.

How do I charge extra for items?

You can charge your passenger directly for any extra items they request, such as baby seats, extra luggage and over-sized luggage, by your preferred payment method. Please be sure to communicate clearly with your passenger any extra charges prior to the travel date.

The booking details are incomplete, what do I do now?

If you receive a booking but do not have all the required information, contact your passenger to confirm any missing information such as flight details and pick-up address. If you receive a booking made through a travel agent that is missing booking details, such as customer details, email the travel agent and request these details.

I received a booking but I don’t service that area… sends out bookings based on the information provided by the transfer company. If you receive a booking but it is outside your regular service area, please treat it as a normal booking and endeavour to complete it. Notify as soon as possible by emailing so we can update with the correct information.

What do I do if I can’t find my passenger?

First check your phone and email for any correspondence from your passenger. If there has been no contact and you are:

At the airport

Please make sure you are waiting for your passenger at the pre organised meeting area, which is specified on your meeting instructions that you organised previously with your passenger. If you are having trouble locating your passenger, please attempt to contact them via phone and/or email. Involve airport ground crew if necessary.

At a hotel

Let the hotel staff know you are there picking up the passenger, and attempt to contact the passenger via phone or email.

Note: It is always best to confirm a pickup time directly with your passenger, prior to the day of travel.

At a residential address

If you’re picking up a passenger at a residential address and you cannot locate them, knock on the passenger's door. If they do not answer, please attempt to contact the passenger via phone or email.

Notify if the booking was unsuccessful due to being unable to locate your passenger by emailing

My passenger didn’t show up. What do I do now? Will I still get paid?

If a passenger has booked a transfer and they don't show up, you will be paid in full if:

  • You have attempted to contact the passenger.
  • You have attempted to locate the passenger.
  • You have communicated a pick-up time to the passenger.
  • You followed specific instructions specified on the booking confirmation.
  • You contacted us with a brief report on the steps taken to try locate the customer.


If you have had an unsuccessful pick-up due to not being able to locate the passenger, please notify us by replying to the booking confirmation as soon as possible by emailing us at

Please note: your passenger may still request a refund, even if they did not show up for a transfer. In these cases, will pass the refund request feedback onto the supplier, and the refund request process will be followed.

What happens if I miss a pick-up?

This is not an ideal situation, as unsuccessful pickups will impact your reliability score and inconvenience the passenger. If a pick-up is not successful due to a transfer company missing the pick-up, you will not be paid for the booked transfer.

What is a reliability score?

Your reliability score is a score calculated automatically to reflect the reliability of your service on The rating takes into account two main factors:

  • actually providing the service
  • timely communication


This score is often used by travel partners and agents browsing our catalogue for reliable transfer companies to book for their clients, so it is in your best interests to maintain a high reliability score.


I have a question I haven’t found an answer to…

No worries, just email us at with your enquiry and we’ll get back to you.