Give travellers access to seamless transport experiences

Our vision is of a world with better passenger transport, for more people, though more seamless access to information.

It's a world where our cities are made for how people want to live, not where people need to drive. 

It's a world where everyone is empowered to travel anywhere, without worry about owning their own vehicle.


Holding true to our values is how we will achieve our mission. Our four value statements teach what it is to be a valued member of the Jayride team. To be the best member of the team, it's not just about delivering prolific amounts of exceptional quality work, it's about how you do the work, why you do the work, and how the benefits are shared

Pull Together

Pull Together

Win as a team
Be accountable to each other
Share your victories
Step into the breach

Bias to Action

Bias to Action

Move fast and be willing to break things
Experiment when uncertain
Make decisions based on numbers
Take ownership

Level Up

Level Up

Relentlessly improve yourself
Set the highest standard
Seek and share skills
Anything is possible

Go in to Bat

Go in to bat

Champion every stakeholder
Act relentlessly for others
Tell the truth
Pay it forward


As people we are keen learners who like to go fast and sometimes break stuff, we are accountable to one another, and we prioritise customer value. Our team has strong technology, business and marketing skills, and we get excited about new ideas. Our company is optimised for growth, and we like shooting for big audacious goals. We’ve grown from 7 employees to 50 in just over a year, will you be joining us next?

Content Marketing Manager

Sydney, Australia



Jayride's team and product are multi-award winning, trusted by over 40,000 travellers and hundreds of transport service operators across six countries around the world. Here is what we're most proud of:

SeedStars World

Final 5 Company SeedStarsWorld Global - February 2014

Jayride won into the final 5 companies at the SeedStarsWorld Global business pitching contest in Geneva Switzerland.

SeesStars World

Best Business Sydney SeedStarsWorld Sydney - November 2013

Jayride won the SeedStarsWorld Sydney business pitching contest, awarded the title for Best Startup Business in Sydney.


Geospatial for a Nicer World Position Magazine - August 2013

Jayride gets a feature article in the leading GIS magazine, Position: "At Jayride, we're insanely focussed on how better transport information for alternative transport can help improve the world we live in..."


Quiet Achiever Award Fishburners - December 2012

Jayride won the Fishburners "Quiet Achiever" award. Awarded to the company doing the most great work, with the least hype.


Social Capitalist Award ANTHILL Magazine - November 2011

Jayride won the ANTHILL Magazine "Social Capitalist" Cool Company award. Awarded to the most remarkable company breaking the rules to bring about positive change.