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Jayride is committed to protecting the privacy of users that book with their transport supplier through Jayride. Jayride will never sell user's personal information to any third party. We're also committed to protecting our user's safety which requires us to collect information about you. Jayride's aim is to collect user's information wherever reasonable, keep it private wherever practical, and use it only in ways that are open, trustworthy, and with the safety and reliability of user's transport in mind.

Personally identifiable information is information that could be used to identify you (this includes for example your real name, address, phone number, or email address).

Non-personally identifiable information is information that could not be used to identify you (this includes for example your gender, travel information, IP address, browser type, operating system, and the address of the web site that referred you to Jayride).

Collecting information
Jayride does not collect any personally identifiable information about any user, unless the user actively provides this by filling out forms on Jayride.

Jayride may collect some types of non-personally identifiable information about a user. This information is collected for use in providing potential advertisers with statistics, to administer the website, and to track abusive users.

Submitting information
Any user who submits information to Jayride, whether by completing forms or contacting support, will be providing this information for online publishing.

Protecting information
Jayride will take all reasonable care to restrict access to a user's personally identifiable information. Wherever possible, Jayride will not display this information to other users.

The exception to the above is when a user submits a booking to a transport supplier. These bookings will contain personally identifiable information (including, for example, real name, phone number and email address) so that the transport supplier can reply. In general these bookings are only accessible to the transport supplier.

Using Jayride without giving personal information
It is possible to use Jayride without giving us any personally identifiable information.

Certain actions, like making booking, require your personally identifiable information. Other actions, like performing searches, do not require a user to provide any personally identifiable information at all.

Where we don't need personally identifiable information, we don't ask you for it. If we do ask you, it is for good reason.

Distribution of personally identifiable information
Jayride will never sell or commercially redistribute any personally identifiable information.

However, Jayride reserves the right to distribute a user's personally identifiable information (including without exception real names, home addresses and email addresses) in a non-commercial way to police or other legal or government authorities in any instance where Jayride's management has concerns relating to the safety of said user, or the safety of any other Jayride user.

Distribution of other information
Jayride may redistribute non-personally identifiable information, for example information pertaining to website traffic.

This information will never include personally identifiable information, except in the instances where we do not have direct control over it, for example where this information has been added as free text to the "description" field in a booking.

Search information
Searches, and the options related to those searches, may be stored for statistical use. This is strictly non-personally identifiable information that is used to enhance and administer the web site.

Some of the features on Jayride require the use of cookies. These cookies may be used to remember a user's preferences and log in details for next time they visit. You can delete these cookies at any time. Please read Jayride's cookies policy for more information.

External links
Jayride contains links to other sites. Jayride is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any of these sites. If you have any concerns about your privacy on other sites, please read their privacy policy for more information.

Third-party advertising
Jayride may use third-party advertising companies to serve ads. These companies may use information about a user's visit to Jayride and other web sites in order to provide advertisements on this site and other sites about goods and services that may be of interest to the user.

No liability
Remember, accidents may happen. Any information submitted to Jayride should be considered public regardless of Jayride's intent.

By using Jayride you agree to Jayride's Terms and Conditions which outline this in more detail. Please read Jayride's terms and conditions of use for more information.

Further information
For any further questions regarding privacy on Jayride, please contact us.

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