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Jayride is a world-leading e-commerce marketplace and booking platform that aggregates, structures and distributes airport ground transport information and allows travellers to compare, contrast and book various ground transportation solutions and services for travel to and from an airport.

With Jayride, passengers can search and compare ground transportation options including airport shuttle buses and private transfers based on their destination and preferred route.

Bookings on Jayride are made online and directly with the transport service company. Travellers are provided with the transport provider’s name and contact information so they can reach out and arrange details with them directly if needed. All bookings are at a fixed price, with instant confirmation and a 100% refund guarantee.

For transport service providers, Jayride simple integration means having another sales channel with less marketing costs.

Other partners (including online travel agencies, offline travel agencies, and airlines) enjoys an additional revenue channel by getting access to offer ground transfer options through Jayride’s API (increasing basket size).