Medical Transportation Services

Medical Assist and Non-Emergency Patient Transportation Services

Jayride now has Medical Assist style and Non-emergency Patient transport services available on the Jayride platform, providing safety, comfort, and convenience to passengers travelling when using these services. makes non-emergency patient transportation accessible for everybody, including elderly, the disabled, long distance travellers and even for those who simply need a ride as they go to or home from the hospital and require a medical travel companion or a service with additional driver assistance instead of relying on ambulance services.

With, travellers can be assured that their ride going to and from the hospital, rehabilitation centre or a medical appointment is safe, secure, and reliable. In turn, the traveller’s family as well can be guaranteed that the patient does not miss the important doctor’s appointment and that the patient arrives safely, even when travelling alone or with a medical companion.


Patient Transport Services
  • For patients coming home from an operation, approved and medically fit and fully recovered
  • For patients going to the hospital for a scheduled medical procedure, where they are unable to drive home by themselves
  • For patients going to and from the hospital for a laboratory procedure where their sight or mobility may be imparied for a period of time
  • For patients who are taking medication which might affect their motor skills, preventing them to drive any kind of vehicle within a specified period of time after administration of the drug.
  • For patients needing a medical travel companion in order to be released from hospital
Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services
  • For medical cases and conditions that don’t require immediate medical attention
  • For special cases such as minor operations or scheduled elective surgery
  • For non-life threatening procedures where the patients are not capable of driving before and after the scheduled hospital visit eg. laser eye surgeries, physical therapy sessions, injured knees, rehabilitation management etc.
Long Distance Medical Transport​
  • For patients who live far from medical services/hospitals where their insurance covers patient transfers
  • For passengers who are seeking a specialist medical service not available within a close proximity of their home
Transportation for the Elderly and Disabled
  • Routine check-up and medical examinations, both for general health and for their main medical specialists
  • Dental check-ups and other orthodontist appointments
  • Physical therapy and occupational therapy sessions
  • Eye examinations and routine check-ups with optometrist, optician, or an ophthalmologist
  • Non-invasive laboratory procedures and examinations, such as X-rays, MRI, CT scan, and ECG.

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