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Gladstone Airport (GLT) Transfers and Shuttle Services

Situated amidst the captivating landscapes of Queensland, Australia, Gladstone Airport is a hub that peacefully resides just about 10 km from the city center. Not far from this public airport, you'll find key landmarks, including the delightful Gladstone Marina and the serene Spinnaker Park. Accessibility plays a significant role in making Gladstone Airport a favorable travel gateway. Furthermore, its proximity to locations like Heron Island, which is a prominent destination known for its picturesque views, and renowned for its marine park, amplifies Gladstone Airport's value in the tourism map.

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Gladstone Airport is a single terminal airport, yet spacious and equipped with essential facilities to serve its passengers. It covers both commercial flights and serves as a critical base for Queensland's helicopter operations. This unique aspect adds a vibrant rhythm to its daily operations, making each visit to the airport an experience worth cherishing.

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Reliable airport transport services to and from Gladstone Airport … easy. Whatever your budget, wherever you’re headed, Jayride partner drivers will get you there. Travel your way with a choice of affordable ground transportation options in Gladstone Airport.

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Top things to do near Gladstone Airport

As you step out of Gladstone Airport, a world of exciting attractions and activities awaits you in the vicinity. Here are some of the notable ones worth visiting:

  1. Gladstone Marina: A bustling recreational hub with beautiful parks and eateries surrounding a safe harbor, perfect for a leisurely stroll.
  2. Spinnaker Park: Offering stunning ocean views, this park is a prime spot for cycling, walking, picnics, and occasional dolphin sightings.
  3. Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre: The city's largest multi-purpose entertainment venue, hosting a wide range of cultural, corporate and social events.
  4. Gladstone Museum and Art Gallery: Discover the city's history, enjoy local art displays, and participate in workshops and events.
  5. Tondoon Botanic Gardens: A peaceful sanctuary exhibiting flora from the Port Curtis Region and Far North Queensland.
  6. Gladstone Harbour: One of the world's largest natural harbors, a bustling heartland of shipping, exports, and fishing.
  7. East Shores Water Park: A modern, family-friendly destination with a playground, barbecue facilities, and spectacular views of Gladstone Harbour.
  8. The Club Hotel: A popular venue in the heart of Gladstone City with live entertainment, great food, and drinks.

These attractions give a glimpse of the diverse enjoyment that Gladstone, Australia offers, and they are all within a convenient drive from Gladstone Airport.

Top things to do in and around Gladstone

Gladstone, a beautiful coastal city in Queensland, Australia, is brimming with attractions ranging from natural wonders to historical landmarks and vibrant recreational hubs. Here are a few must-visit places in the city:

  1. Lake Awoonga: It's a serene man-made lake, perfect for picnics, fishing, and boating, offering picturesque views and myriad bird species for bird-watchers.
  2. Mount Larcom: Ideal for adventurous hikers, it promises an exhilarating trek experience, culminating in breathtaking panoramic views from the top.
  3. Gladstone Aquatic Centre: A community favourite, it features a splash zone for kids, Olympic size swimming pool, and BBQ facilities.
  4. Auckland Hill Lookout: Provides spectacular views of Gladstone Harbour and the city, this is a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike.
  5. Gladstone Maritime Museum: Showcases the region's rich marine history and is home to the last remaining Pearl Lugger, the "Lunga".
  6. Agnes Water and the Town of 1770: Steeped in historical significance, these twin towns offer pristine beaches, nature walks, and surfing opportunities.
  7. Boyne Island and Tannum Sands: Located south of Gladstone, this duo is known for its idyllic beaches, fishing hotspots, and the annual Boyne Tannum Hookup fishing competition.
  8. Calliope River Historical Village: A fascinating open-air museum hosting a wide array of historical buildings, artifacts, and exhibits showcasing Gladstone's heritage.

All these sites contribute to making Gladstone a diverse and attractive destination for travelers looking to immerse themselves in natural beauty, history, and unparalleled recreational activities.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of airport transportation services are available at Gladstone Airport (GLT)?

There are several transportation options available at Gladstone Airport, including taxis, rental cars, and ride-sharing services. However, if you want to ensure a hassle-free and comfortable experience, Jayride is a reliable service that offers pre-booked airport shuttles and private transfers to and from the airport.

Can I book ahead for my airport transfer to and from Gladstone Airport?

Absolutely! Using online platforms like Jayride, you can book your airport transportation in advance. This will save you time, reduce stress, and guarantee reliable transportation, whether you're leaving the airport or heading there.

Is there a shuttle service from Gladstone Airport to my hotel?

Yes, Jayride offers a smooth airport shuttle service that can take you directly from Gladstone Airport to your hotel. This pre-bookable service is not only convenient but also a great way to ensure a smooth start to your stay in Gladstone.

Is there a private car service available from Gladstone Airport?

Yes, you can book a private car service through Jayride. This service allows you to travel in comfort and style, whether you're heading to the airport or arriving at Gladstone Airport after a long flight.

How can I ensure a reliable pickup from Gladstone Airport?

To make sure you have a reliable pickup from Gladstone Airport, it's recommended that you book ahead with a trusted service like Jayride. This way, a driver will be waiting for you when you land, eliminating the need to scramble for transportation upon arrival.



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Where do I meet my driver?
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Once you make your booking, you’ll receive meeting instructions from your transfer company. If you’re still unsure about where to meet your driver, simply contact them directly. Their contact details will be provided in your booking confirmation email.
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Once you have completed your booking your Transfer Company will confirm the best pick-up time for you based on your flight details. You may contact them directly to request a time based on your specific requirements.

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