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Indonesia Tourism PT

Indonesia Tourism PT

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AUD $63.00
Tritama Rent Car

Tritama Rent Car

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Armada Borneo Rentcar

Armada Borneo Rentcar

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Big Benjaya Car Rental Specialist

Big Benjaya Car Rental Specialist

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Supadio Airport (PNK) Transfers and Shuttle Services

Traveling to or from Supadio Airport in West Kalimantan, Indonesia is effortless and seamless with Jayride, catering to your specific airport transportation needs. Supadio Airport is strategically located approximately 17 kilometers from the city center of Pontianak, the provincial capital of West Kalimantan. Its proximity to the city center offers easy access to iconic landmarks such as the lush, tropical Kubu Raya forest and the historic Equator Monument that literally stands on the equator line.

Navigating your airport transfer to or from these locations and any other nearby destinations becomes a breeze when you have Jayride at your fingertips. Comparing prices, booking your preferred airport shuttle or private car, and managing all your ground transportation needs in advance - Jayride offers all of this and more to ensure hassle-free mobility solutions.

Supadio Airport, known for its streamlined design and modern amenities, is compact but efficient. It consists of a single terminal - Terminal 1, allowing for easy navigation for both domestic and international passengers. This makes the airport hustle-free and manageable for all, from first-time visitors to frequent fliers.

Pre-booking your airport transportation with Jayride, right from the comfort of your home, saves valuable time and takes away the stress of on-the-spot bookings. Their user-friendly platform provides access to a range of services including an airport shuttle service, airport pickup, and airport car service. It's simple, convenient, and reliable – a boon to discerning travelers.

Your ride to or from Supadio Airport, no matter where you're heading to or coming from in West Kalimantan, is just few clicks away with Jayride. Value your time, prioritize your comfort, and trust Jayride for your seamless airport transfer experience, today!

Our Services

Reliable airport transport services to and from Supadio Airport … easy. Whatever your budget, wherever you’re headed, Jayride partner drivers will get you there. Travel your way with a choice of affordable ground transportation options in Supadio Airport.

Shared shuttles

The best option for travel on a budget, share a ride in a car or van with others heading in your direction.

Private transfers

Choose a car, van or limo (why not!) and have your own private driver get you to your destination.


Use a familiar rideshare service without downloading local apps, and avoid surge pricing by booking ahead.

Cruise transfer

Book before you land and take the worry out of getting from the airport to your cruise’s departure dock.

Top things to do near Supadio Airport

If you're landing at Supadio Airport (PNK) and have some time to spare, explore the vicinity and immerse yourself in local culture, history, and natural beauty. The area is rich in attractions that range from historical landmarks to modern entertainment centers. Here are some top picks located within a 5-10 miles radius of the airport:

  1. Equator Monument: An iconic landmark showcasing Indonesia's geographic uniqueness, this monument sits exactly on the equator.
  2. Ayani Mega Mall: A modern shopping complex that offers shopping, dining, and entertainment options.
  3. Kubah Ria Culinary Center: A vibrant eating hub offering an array of local cuisines and fresh seafood.
  4. Museum Negeri Pontianak: The museum houses an extensive collection that depicts the rich cultural heritage of West Kalimantan.
  5. Jami Mosque: A stunning architectural landmark that is the oldest mosque in Pontianak.
  6. Cathedral of The Assumption: An exquisite example of cross-cultural architecture combining Islamic and Christian motifs.
  7. Digulis Park: A well-kept park that showcases regional plants and serves as a peaceful retreat.
  8. Alun Alun Kapuas: A bustling waterfront offering boat trips, great eateries, and an insight into local life.
  9. Taman Alun Kapuas Amusement Park: This amusement park provides rides, games, and a fun-filled venue for families near the Kapuas River.
  10. Pontianak City Watersport Stadium (STD Olahraga Air): A unique destination for water sports enthusiasts.

Whether you're a history buff, a food lover, a shopping addict, or simply a nature admirer, there are plenty of nearby options to explore when you touch down at Supadio Airport (PNK).

Top things to do in and around Pontianak

If you're venturing further into Pontianak, you'll find a wealth of cultural, natural, and architectural attractions to enjoy. Each site offers a unique slice of life in this vibrant Indonesian city.

  1. Istana Kadriah: This yellow-painted royal palace showcases the opulence and history of the Malay sultanates.
  2. Borneo Culture Indonesia: This cultural center offers insight into the intricate Dayak tribal arts and cultures.
  3. Betang Hous Radakng Longhouse Pontianak: It's one of the largest traditional Dayak longhouses open to visitors as a cultural attraction.
  4. Taman Bougenville or Bougenville Park: A beautiful park known for its collection of colorful bougainvillea blooming year-round.
  5. Rahadi Osman Stadium: The city's main stadium and a popular destination for sporting events and gatherings.
  6. Tanjungpura University Forest: A nearby green escape, perfect for relaxing walks and exploration of local flora.
  7. Pontianak Harbor: Pontianak Harbor is a busy and bustling hub showcasing the city’s marine activities and trade.
  8. The Gajah Mada Complex: A high-energy shopping and entertainment complex, right in the heart of the city.
  9. St. Joseph Cathedral Pontianak: A catholic religious site that showcases stunning architecture.
  10. Pontianak Street Art: Explore the city's vibrant street art, a recent urban initiative that has transformed the city’s public spaces.

From cultural and historical sites to natural wonders and bustling markets, Pontianak offers an array of experiences for every traveler.

Frequently asked questions

What options are available for ground transportation at Supadio Airport?

You have several options for ground transportation at Supadio Airport, including taxis, car rentals, and public buses. However, for a stress-free and reliable solution, consider using Jayride. Through their platform, you can pre-book a private car, or an airport shuttle service among various other options, ensuring hassle-free mobility as soon as you land.

How early should I book my ride to or from Supadio Airport?

While it largely depends on your schedule, pre-booking your airport transfer is highly recommended to avoid any inconvenience. Jayride allows you to compare prices and book your ground transportation in advance, providing peace of mind ahead of your travel.

Can I book an airport transfer to any location in Pontianak from Supadio Airport?

Absolutely! Jayride offers a wide array of transportation options to various locations in Pontianak. Simply input your desired location to view available service providers, compare prices, and make your booking.

Are there shuttle services available to and from Supadio Airport?

Yes, shuttle services are available to and from Supadio Airport. Jayride is a great platform to browse the different available options, compare prices, and book your airport shuttle service with ease.

Is pre-booking my airport transportation with Jayride safe and reliable?

Definitely! Jayride is a trusted global platform that connects travelers with local transfer companies. The process is safely managed online, allowing you to pre-book your airport transportation for a smooth, hassle-free travel experience.


Milos D. Travelled on 21 February 2023

“Right on time. Comfortable ride. Good driver.”

Milos D. Travelled on 13 February 2023

“Made, our driver, waited for us and took us to the hotel. He was very kind and professional and provided interesting information about Lombok. We highly recommend their service!”

Fernando A. Travelled on 20 October 2022

“Very good!!”


What’s included in the price?
All prices listed on Jayride.com...
All prices listed on Jayride.com are inclusive of taxes, tolls, airport parking, admin fees, fuel, environmental surcharges and any other standard fees typically included for a standard point-to-point transfer. You don’t pay any extra for these. Read all Any additional requirements such as child seats or extra luggage may incur an additional cost. Your transfer company will confirm this with you when you make your booking. Gratuities are not included in the price, so it is at your discretion as to whether you wish to tip your driver. If you are in the US, it is customary to tip your driver 10-15%. In other countries such as the UK or Australia, tipping is not mandatory, though a tip of 10-15% for great service is always welcome.
Where do I meet my driver?
Once you make your booking...
Once you make your booking, you’ll receive meeting instructions from your transfer company. If you’re still unsure about where to meet your driver, simply contact them directly. Their contact details will be provided in your booking confirmation email.
How do I select a pick up time?
Once you have completed your...
Once you have completed your booking your Transfer Company will confirm the best pick-up time for you based on your flight details. You may contact them directly to request a time based on your specific requirements.

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