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Merced Regional Airport (MCE) Transfers and Shuttle Services

Jayride is a traveler's best friend when it comes to seamless airport transfers, airport shuttles, and ground transportation. If your destination is Merced Regional Airport, nestled in the heart of California's Central Valley, Jayride has got you covered.

Merced Regional Airport is known not just for its unruffled service, but also for its unique location. The airport lies about 5 miles southwest of downtown Merced, a diverse city that houses the University of California, Merced and is within driving distance of some of California's most visited attractions - notably Yosemite National Park, known for its waterfalls, deep valleys, grand meadows, ancient sequoias, and Patagonia.

Scores of travelers pass through Merced Regional Airport, attracted by its accessibility and the richness of the landmarks nearby. Despite its importance to the region, the airport maintains a single terminal handling all its passengers' needs with finesse. This appeals to the casual traveler who appreciates efficient airport transportation without the confusion of multiple terminals.

But what truly sets Merced Regional Airport apart is not just the architectural simplicity or the proximity to local landmarks, but the ease with which travelers can pre-book their airport shuttle service. This is where Jayride shines with its unparalleled service. The service ensures that your airport transfer to or from Merced is stress-free and punctual, taking the load off your travel logistics. From private cars for the business traveler to shared shuttles for those on a budget, Jayride presents a variety of pre-bookable transfer service options that prioritize your comfort and convenience.

Remember, whether you are embarking on a majestic sojourn to the Yosemite or heading back home, there is nothing like a reliable airport car service to take the edge off your journey. Book your ride with Jayride and start enjoying a simple travel experience to and from Merced Regional Airport.

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Reliable airport transport services to and from Merced Regional Airport … easy. Whatever your budget, wherever you’re headed, Jayride partner drivers will get you there. Travel your way with a choice of affordable ground transportation options in Merced Regional Airport.

Shared shuttles

The best option for travel on a budget, share a ride in a car or van with others heading in your direction.

Private transfers

Choose a car, van or limo (why not!) and have your own private driver get you to your destination.


Use a familiar rideshare service without downloading local apps, and avoid surge pricing by booking ahead.

Cruise transfer

Book before you land and take the worry out of getting from the airport to your cruise’s departure dock.

Top things to do near Merced Regional Airport

Near Merced Regional Airport, a world of excitement awaits travelers, with a broad variety of attractions within the 5-10 mile radius that captivate a spectrum of interests.

  1. Castle Air Museum: An outdoor aviation museum with over 70 restored military aircraft.
  2. Merced County Courthouse Museum: A historic courthouse turned museum that showcases local history.
  3. Applegate Park Zoo: A charming local zoo that's delightful for young families.
  4. Merced River: A picturesque spot offering rafting, swimming, and fishing opportunities.
  5. Merced Theater: A vintage theater showcasing an array of plays, music performances, and independent films.
  6. Playhouse Merced: A performing arts venue offering a variety of high-quality productions.
  7. Yosemite Lake: A local favorite for boating, picnicking, and nature walks.
  8. Merced College: A community college with a beautiful campus that also hosts various cultural events.
  9. The Mainzer: A newly renovated entertainment center with bowling, arcade games, dining, and a movie theater.
  10. The Vista Cellars: A family-operated winery offering tastings in a relaxed setting.

Top things to do in and around Merced

As you venture into the heart of Merced, you'll discover diverse attractions that promise memorable experiences for every visitor.

  1. The Merced Fruit Barn: A unique local market specialising in dried fruits, nuts, honeys and jellies.
  2. Merced National Wildlife Refuge: A haven for nature enthusiasts with a rich variety of wildlife and bird species.
  3. The Merced Multicultural Arts Center: A vibrant venue offering galleries, studios, and live performances.
  4. Merced Flea and Farmers Market: A local shopping favorite featuring fresh produce, unique gifts, and delightful food stalls.
  5. Rahilly Park: A community park offering sports fields, splash pads, picnic areas, and a beautiful walk trail.
  6. The Regal Hollywood Merced: A comfortable movie theater providing latest releases in a relaxed setting.
  7. Escape Room Merced: An adventure-filled attraction where teams solve puzzles to "escape" within a set time.
  8. US Post Office-Merced Main: A historic post office building that features beautiful architecture.
  9. In-N-Out Burger: Must-visit iconic Californian burger joint, known for its menu of classic burgers and fresh-cut fries.
  10. Lake Yosemite: A beautiful man-made lake offering fishing, boating, water skiing, picnic facilities and more.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to handle transportation to and from Merced Regional Airport (MCE)?

Jayride offers a simple and efficient solution for airport transfer services. You can pre-book a private car, shared shuttle, or even a luxury vehicle and have the peace of mind that your ride will be waiting for you when you arrive or need to depart.

Can I find a trusted airport shuttle service at Merced Regional Airport?

Absolutely. Jayride collaborates with reliable local transfer companies to provide a wide range of airport shuttle services. You can compare prices, book in advance, and assure an easy transportation experience to and from Merced Regional Airport.

Are there affordable airport pickup services at Merced Regional Airport?

Yes, Jayride provides an abundance of options to fit various budget requirements. They offer everything from budget-friendly shared shuttles to premium private cars, ensuring affordable and convenient airport pickup services.

How can I ensure a stress-free ride to Merced Regional Airport?

With Jayride, you can pre-book your ride to the airport. This way, you can avoid last-minute rush or surge pricing, ensuring a relaxed and peaceful ride to Merced Regional Airport.

Can I arrange for a late-night airport transfer to/from Merced Regional Airport?

Jayride allows you to book your airport transfer at any time—it's a practical and efficient choice for those late-night or early morning flights, ensuring you aren’t stranded regardless of your flight schedule.


Jeremy Travelled on 27 February 2024

“Our driver was amazing. Very personable, informative and a safe driver. ”

Christine R. Travelled on 26 February 2024

“Excellent experience we contacted the office on arrival into the valet parking as arranged and driver collected us in less than 10 minutes. Great service and great price ”

David G. Travelled on 26 February 2024

“Our driver was great”

Cindy Travelled on 26 February 2024

“Our driver as on time and very nice.”

Hannah T. Travelled on 25 February 2024

“The driver was there in less than five minutes. Beautiful car and nice driver. ”


What’s included in the price?
All prices listed on
All prices listed on are inclusive of taxes, tolls, airport parking, admin fees, fuel, environmental surcharges and any other standard fees typically included for a standard point-to-point transfer. You don’t pay any extra for these. Read all Any additional requirements such as child seats or extra luggage may incur an additional cost. Your transfer company will confirm this with you when you make your booking. Gratuities are not included in the price, so it is at your discretion as to whether you wish to tip your driver. If you are in the US, it is customary to tip your driver 10-15%. In other countries such as the UK or Australia, tipping is not mandatory, though a tip of 10-15% for great service is always welcome.
Where do I meet my driver?
Once you make your booking...
Once you make your booking, you’ll receive meeting instructions from your transfer company. If you’re still unsure about where to meet your driver, simply contact them directly. Their contact details will be provided in your booking confirmation email.
How do I select a pick up time?
Once you have completed your...
Once you have completed your booking your Transfer Company will confirm the best pick-up time for you based on your flight details. You may contact them directly to request a time based on your specific requirements.

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