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Jayride Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews Explained

4/5 • Reviews 4,193 • Great

Service Quality and Reliability

At Jayride we place a high priority on service quality and reliability. This emphasis on professionalism ensures that our travellers receive first-class service, characterised by punctuality, friendliness, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Customer testimonials and reviews consistently praise drivers for their punctuality, friendly service, and overall excellence. These positive reviews are a testament to our commitment to providing reliable and high-quality service.

Dedicated Customer Service Team

We have a dedicated team of over 50 customer service professionals who are readily available to address any potential customer concerns or enquiries, with the objective of resolving individual issues in a timely manner. The team can be reached via multiple platforms, including email, web chat, and phone.

Dispute Resolution Process

In the event that you wish to raise a concern relating to one of our transport partners, we will commence an investigation process. This involves a thorough review of relevant communications and a dedicated effort to resolve any disputes that may have arisen. Subsequent to this, we continue to work closely with our transport companies with the aim of enhancing our service quality and ensuring you receive the best transfer experience.

Your Voice Helps Us Improve

We believe that our customers’ voices are the most valuable tool for improvement. As we look to the future, we will continue using your reviews as a cornerstone of our customer service, utilising the feedback to analyse and assess how we can improve our services moving forwards. Please visit our Jayride Reviews and Guidance page.

We ask that you include information that you would find beneficial to read as a customer. For example, how simple was your booking process? How friendly was your driver? etc

You will automatically receive an invitation to review the Jayride booking process 1 day after completing your booking with Trustpilot and then an invitation to review your transport company 1 day after your transfer. 

Your Jayride review via Trustpilot can be edited here.

It is not possible to manually edit your transport company review after submitting it. However, if you would like to amend or remove your review from the website, reach out to us at, where a member of our friendly team will be able to help with your request.

At Jayride, we are committed to transparency and authenticity. Because of this, your review of the transport company cannot be totally anonymous. We will automatically include your first name in your review so other customers can trust that your feedback is genuine. No other personal information will be included in your public review. If you’d like to leave feedback that does not appear on the website, feel free to reach out to the team at

If you provide a review of your Jayride experience via Trustpilot then your review will reflect your Trustpilot profile.

We welcome all reviews, positive or negative. We internally analyse all reviews to ensure we are continuously improving our services. We understand that sometimes not all travel arrangements go to plan. In the case of quality and service complaints, acts as the mediator to work towards the best possible resolution for all parties involved. 

It is not currently possible to respond to other customers’ reviews. 

It is not possible to leave a review directly on the website. Only verified bookings can leave a review, this is to ensure our customers only see authentic, verified feedback.

Travellers are automatically invited and can leave one review per booking.

If you would like to remove your review, please contact the team at Your Jayride review via Trustpilot can be edited here.

Only your first name is visible when leaving a review. No other personal information is publicly visible. 

“I have used Jayride's service 3 different times and every time I had wonderful experience. The drivers are very professional and courteous, were waiting when we arrived and when we were going back to airport for departure.”New Providence, The Bahamas
“Fantastic service, would highly recommend. Have already passed on information to friends when they are travelling. Will 100% use again. I never write reviews but feel like I have to for this company.”Barcelona, Spain
“Great meet and greet on time and where they should be. What more do you need?”San Francisco, USA
“It was convenient and since it’s a foreign country it was great to be able to book a car rather than trying to catch a ride.”Antalya, Turkey
“Excellent choices of multiple different ways to get where u need to be and drivers were top notch.”Cancun, Mexico
“Smooth operation all around. Easy booking and very clear instructions. Although I did not have my cell phone with me, I was able to connect with my driver through a public phone.”Los Angeles, USA

Book with Confidence

One of the standout features of is our user-friendly booking process. With just a few clicks you can easily search for available transfer options, compare reviews for each, select your desired vehicle, and book online. This streamlined process eliminates the usual stress associated with booking airport transfers, making it a breeze for you to easily arrange your transportation.

Trust Jayride for Worldwide Airport Transfers

With this user-friendly booking process, our commitment to service quality and reliability, competitive pricing, extensive coverage areas, diverse vehicle options, and excellent customer support, you can trust us as your top choice for worldwide airport transfers.

Whether you’re a solo traveller or part of a group, Jayride ensures a comfortable and seamless journey, allowing you to focus on relaxing and enjoying your travel experience.

“Great service, on time, friendly driver, car was immaculate. Will definitely be using Jayride again.”
Derek - NZ
“Never regret booking here. Great service at both pick up and drop off. Very friendly driver.”
Aoniba - ID
“Really simple process. I selected my requirements with no problems. I like the cost comparison.”
Jeannie - US
“Easy to navigate. Fast confirmation of booking and receipt. Email question answered quickly and clearly.”
Ian - GB
“I had a couple of questions so I called in and the man who helped me was very courteous and helpful.”
Pam - US
“Great, comfortable, and reliable – our ride was patiently waiting for us.”
Glenda - SG
“Our driver was very friendly and helpful, especially with one of our group using a wheelchair.”
Vito - CA
“Easy and intuitive, I was glad it asked for a flight number, I included the airline too.”
Peggy - US
“I made a mistake in my flight details and Jayride staff were quick to change my pick up time.”
Bethwyn - AU

Jayride Reviews Process Explained

Every bookable trip on our website includes a section for you to leave a verified Jayride review. We aim to provide you with the most transparent picture and welcome all feedback related to your experience. You are currently able to review both the airport transfer company as well as the online booking experience at

You will automatically receive an invitation to review the Jayride booking process 1 day after completing your booking with Trustpilot and then an invitation to review your transport company 1 day after your transfer.

We ask that you include information that you would find beneficial to read as a customer. For example, how simple was your booking process? How friendly was your driver? etc.

Please visit our Jayride Reviews and Guidance page for more information on our reviews process.

Embracing Customer Feedback

We love hearing about your experiences, and will review both positive and negative feedback, so that we can ensure we are providing you with excellent airport transfers now, and in the future.

To compare and book airport transfers with 1000s of transport providers all around the world, just head to We look forward to serving you soon!