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Dubai International Destination And Airport Guide

Jayride, an incredibly convenient solution for all your airport transportation needs, is an absolute boon for travelers visiting Dubai. Taxi cabs, though handy, can be an expensive airport option for tourists, and it can be a little overwhelming trying to know which one to grab.

Dubai International Airport, a bustling hub in the heart of the Middle East, sits strategically located only 5km (or a quick 15 minute drive) away from the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, and around 7km from the famous Dubai Mall. Landmark Centric, as it is, the location gives first-time visitors an immediate taste of the city’s towering ambition and opulence.

The airport itself, one of the busiest in the world, is a gateway to the globe with a unique structure and amenities that reflect the rich culture of the Emirates. It boasts not one, but three magnificent terminals:

  • Terminal 1 (also known as Sheikh Rashid Terminal)
  • Terminal 2
  • Terminal 3 (world’s largest airport terminal)

Away from all the excitement and luxury that Dubai International Airport offers, travelers also need reliable airport transportation services to and from the airport. This is where Jayride comes into play.

Jayride enables travelers to pre-book their airport transfers, thereby taking the stress out of arriving in a foreign city. Whether you require an elegant airport car service for a business trip or a comfortable shuttle service for family travel, every ride is pre-arranged to suit your needs. No hassling for a last-minute ride or dealing with the strain of unknown routes – Jayride has you covered.

For a seamless connection with the heart of Dubai from Dubai International Airport, make use of Jayride. Enjoy the reliable, efficient airport transfer services it offers, saving you time and offering peace of mind. The airport shuttle service available for booking ranges from private to shared vehicles, guaranteeing an option for compatibility with any travel situation.

Finding dependable ground transportation can make your travel experience smooth and enjoyable. Book your ride with Jayride today for a stress-free start to your Dubai adventure.

Various options are available such as taxis, buses, or the Dubai Metro. However, for a stress-free experience that you can book in advance, consider Jayride. It offers pre-booking for your airport transportation with choices between private cars and shared shuttles according to your preferences.
Jayride is a globally recognized platform that helps travelers find and book a reliable airport shuttle service to and from Dubai International Airport. You can compare prices, services, and reviews to ensure you choose a service that best suits your needs.
Yes, pre-booking is a smart travel strategy and Jayride allows you to do just that. You can schedule your airport transportation in advance, ensuring no last-minute hassles or stress when you land or need to catch a flight at Dubai International Airport.
Dubai provides several options for airport transportation, including taxis, Metro trains, buses, and private car services. One of the most convenient and reliable options is the pre-booked services offered by Jayride, with a variety of choices to fit your specific needs and budget.
Dubai International Airport does provide a shuttle service between terminals. If you want to arrange a transfer from the airport to your hotel or other location in the city, Jayride offers pre-booked, hassle-free airport shuttle services for just such needs.

Our Services

Reliable airport transport services to and from DXB … easy. Whatever your budget, wherever you’re headed, Jayride partner drivers will get you there. Travel your way with a choice of affordable ground transportation options in Dubai International.

Shared shuttles

The best option for travel on a budget, share a ride in a car or van with others heading in your direction.

Private transfers

Choose a car, van or limo (why not!) and have your own private driver get you direct to where you need to be.


Use a familiar rideshare service without downloading local apps, and avoid surge pricing by booking ahead.

Cruise transfer

Book before you land and take the worry out of getting from the airport to your cruise’s departure dock.

Top 5 Jayride Blog Posts

Top 10 things to do near Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport is just minutes away from a number of interesting attractions and popular destinations. Here are a few that travelers can explore.
Burj Khalifa
At a staggering 828 meters high, this is the tallest building in the world offering breathtaking views of the city.
Dubai Mall
One of the world's largest shopping malls that also houses an underwater zoo and the infamous Dubai Fountain.
The Dubai Fountain
Located at the Dubai Mall, it's the world's largest choreographed fountain system that dances to the tune of music.
Dubai Creek
This saltwater creek divides the iconic city of Dubai and offers a variety of fun water-based activities.
Dubai Opera
For the culture enthusiasts, this 2000-seat theater hosts opera, ballet, concerts, and exhibitions.
Dubai Museum in Al Fahidi Fort
A wonderful opportunity to delve into the rich history and traditions of Dubai.
Dubai Gold Souk
This traditional market in Downtown Dubai is world-renowned for its extensive gold jewelry shops.
Al Mamzar Beach Park
A beautiful beach park offering swimming, picnic spots, and beautiful scenery for relaxation.
Zabeel Park
One of the largest and most admired parks in Dubai, perfect for a quiet stroll or picnic.
Dubai Dolphinarium
An indoor marine habitat providing fun and entertainment for the whole family.

Top 10 things to do in Dubai International

While Dubai has worldwide recognition for its towering skyscrapers and luxury shopping, the city also offers a multitude of attractions for every type of traveler. Here are some highlights.
Palm Jumeirah
An architectural wonder, this palm-shaped artificial island is home to luxurious resorts and stunning views.
Jumeirah Beach
Known for its white sands and clear blue waters, this popular beach is a must-visit for sun-seekers.
Ski Dubai
This indoor ski resort within Mall of the Emirates offers snowy fun in the middle of the desert city.
Dubai Miracle Garden
Natural beauty comes alive in this stunning garden filled with over 50 million flowers.
Global Village
A large cultural, entertainment, and shopping venue that brings together cultures from around the world.
Dubai Marina
Enjoy amazing views, dining, and shopping at this stunning waterfront development.
Wild Wadi Water Park
Situated in front of the striking Burj Al Arab, this water park offers a fun-filled day for families.
Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo
Located in the Dubai Mall, this aquatic zoo offers fascinating insights into marine life.
IMG Worlds of Adventure
The world's largest indoor theme park offers truly thrilling rides and attractions.
Alserkal Art District
This vibrant cultural district is home to contemporary art galleries, non-profit organizations, and homegrown businesses.
“I have used Jayride's service 3 different times and every time I had wonderful experience. The drivers are very professional and courteous, were waiting when we arrived and when we were going back to airport for departure.”New Providence, The Bahamas
“Fantastic service, would highly recommend. Have already passed on information to friends when they are travelling. Will 100% use again. I never write reviews but feel like I have to for this company.”Barcelona, Spain
“Great meet and greet on time and where they should be. What more do you need?”San Francisco, USA
“It was convenient and since it’s a foreign country it was great to be able to book a car rather than trying to catch a ride.”Antalya, Turkey
“Excellent choices of multiple different ways to get where u need to be and drivers were top notch.”Cancun, Mexico
“Smooth operation all around. Easy booking and very clear instructions. Although I did not have my cell phone with me, I was able to connect with my driver through a public phone.”Los Angeles, USA

Why Jayride?​

Find out why more than half a million people a year choose Jayride for their airport transportation. If you need a private airport transfer service from the airport or back again, Jayride partners offer rides to suit all travelers. Book your airport ride ahead of time and enjoy fuss-free transfers.

Clean & modern vehicles​
Enjoy your ride in a clean, well-maintained vehicle.​
Courteous, professional drivers​
Friendly, helpful drivers make your trip easy and enjoyable.​
On-time and reliable​
Drivers monitor flight arrivals and are ready when you are.​
Wherever you are​
Your driver knows where you are and where you need to be.​
Easy to contact your driver​
Contact drivers by phone, text or email. In touch all the way.​
Easy refunds​
100% refund if you cancel up to 48 hours before the booking.​

Clean & modern vehicles

Enjoy your ride in a clean, well-maintained vehicle.

Courteous, professional drivers

Friendly, helpful drivers make your trip easy and enjoyable.

On-time and reliable

Drivers monitor flight arrivals and are ready when you are.

Wherever you are

Your driver knows where you are and where you need to be.

Easy to contact your driver

Contact drivers by phone, text or email. In touch all the way.

Easy refunds

100% refund if you cancel up to 48 hours before the booking.