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Last Updated on October 24, 2018’s Customer Service Manager Sandra Leriche answers some common questions from our travellers.

Hey, Sandra here from!

Each month, the customer service team at gets asked lots of questions regarding airport transfers, shared airport shuttles, private transfers, travelling tips and customer queries about that aren’t on our FAQs page. I’m going to run through some of the questions we get asked to help make your trips as smooth and seamless as possible.

Do I need to print out the booking confirmation email?

A lot of customers ask us if they need to print off their booking confirmation email to show their transfer company when they get picked up. You don’t need to print off your confirmation email, all you need to remember is your booking ID, or simply show the email to your transfer company on your mobile phone.

It’s always important to check your emails prior to travelling, as your transfer company may need to email some additional information to you. So while you don’t need to print off your booking confirmation email, you do need to check your emails regularly until your time of travel, including your spam folder.

Can I upgrade my booking to include a meet and greet?

We get a lot of requests to update bookings, especially with meet and greets – when your driver meets you at the arrivals gate, saving you time and effort navigating your way around the airport.

If you’ve booked a private transfer and have decided later that you’d like to organise someone to meet you at the airport when you arrive, you can contact your transfer company directly – they will let you know if a meet and greet is available and what the additional cost will be, so you’ll be able to organise it directly with them.

You can only upgrade to a meet and greet if you’ve already booked a private transfer though. Meet and greets are not available for shared shuttles.

I’m travelling to LA for a few days as a stopover, but I’m not sure what to do while I’m there. Can you recommend a few things to check out?

As passionate travellers ourselves here at, we love recommending things to see and do when our customers are travelling. LA is a mecca for stardom, so for a list of things to do that will leave you starry-eyed, check out our blog post – 48 hours in Los Angeles.

As passionate travellers ourselves here at, we love recommending things to see and do when our customers are travelling

Of course, no one knows the city like a local, so make sure you ask your transfer driver for their tips for the best things to see and do! Our blog – The Jayride Journal – has lots of travel tips and inspiration for the countries we service, so take a look for more helpful travel content.

We love recommending travel tips and itineraries for our travellers. LA is a mecca for stardom, with a surprise around every corner. Read more in our 24 Hours In LA article.

I’ve accidentally booked my transfers the wrong way around, how do I fix this?

If you’ve made a booking and realised that you’ve selected the wrong dates, we can update your booking for you, provided you’re making changes more than 48 hours before travel time. Send an email to with your booking ID, and we’ll accommodate the change in dates.

It’s important to note that while changing the dates generally won’t affect the cost of your booking, if your updated dates are at a busier time and suppliers are less available, there may be a surcharge.

If you’ve realised your travel dates are wrong and you’re travelling within 48 hours, you’ll need to contact your transfer company directly with the details provided in your booking confirmation email. They will do their best to accommodate the change in dates.

Why doesn’t have a phone number I can call?

We know that sometimes you just want to talk to a person, which is why you’re provided with the phone number and contact details of your transfer company. is the search and comparison site, so once you’ve found the right transfer for you and made your booking, we pass on your details to the transfer company and they take it from there.

Any questions you have about your transfer need to go directly to your transfer company who can resolve your queries. We don’t have a phone number as we are an online comparison site, connecting travellers with transfer companies. We’d simply be a middle man and it would slow down the communication process, so it’s to your advantage to go straight to your transfer company with any questions.

If you have questions about the site itself or need to contact to give feedback on your transfer company (we, and other travellers, really appreciate this), you can email us at

Got a question about finding and booking an airport transfer, or just a burning travel question you’d like answered? We’d love to know – email us with ‘Ask Sandra’ in the subject line to and we’ll answer it and feature it in a future blog post for other travellers.

Sandra is’s Customer Service Manager who works hard with a team of 20+ team members to help resolve customer queries and make airport transfers as smooth as possible. Originally from France, Sandra now resides in Sydney, where she works at’s headquarters.

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