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Salesforce Case Study Features Jayride’s Success Expansion to 81 Countries

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Last Updated on May 30, 2022

Salesforce has recently completed a case study featuring Jayride.
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Jayride has fuelled its rise from Australian startup to ASX-listed success story by solving a universal challenge for today’s global traveller, which is helping them find transport to and from the airport that best suits their needs. With Jayride, travellers get the local knowledge they need before they fly, by reading real reviews they can use to make the right choice, and receive instant booking confirmation which helps them complete their flight and hotel bookings for a seamless end-to-end trip.
Much of Jayride’s growth has been generated in the 18 months since it was listed on the ASX. Up until that point, the company operated in just five countries, serving travellers with a limited number of transport companies, and restricted by a large volume of manual process, which made it slow to scale. Today, Jayride is global and expanding rapidly with coverage in 81 countries and counting. It’s also able to offer travellers more than 3,300 transport companies to choose from, including fixed price rideshares, shuttles and private cars from all around the world. The key to unlocking this growth was process improvement.
“There’s a huge amount of effort involved in onboarding new transport companies, and to get them ready to receive bookings and to take them from local to global overnight is a big task. Ensuring we have the transport information in place to provide a seamless experience to both the traveller and transport company is paramount. “Scaling our business in a profitable way is a big focus for us, and Salesforce helps us by minimising the manual work required to streamline processes such as our transport company onboarding flow,” said Daniel McMillan, Chief Marketing Officer.
1,500 new transport companies onboarded in just 18 months
Transport companies want to reach a global audience of travellers and can do so by listing on Jayride, which provides travellers with unparalleled choice and supply of transport. This includes more options when it comes to pricing and the flexibility for customers to choose the transfer type that’s right for them.
Travellers can choose from a range of airport shuttles, rideshares and luxury private car services which operate in each country and airport. In the past, onboarding transport companies involved a series of manual processes, including to set up contracts and vehicle pricing across a variety of different systems. Still further manual effort was required to manage communication and booking updates between transport companies and travellers. These processes took up a lot of time and would have been a limiting factor when scaling at the rate that Jayride is today.
These challenges ultimately led Jayride to rollout Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud to assist in automating its workflow processes and better manage the communication with each transport company at scale.
Jayride now manages transport company onboarding through cases rather than spreadsheets and has leveraged Salesforce and apps from the AppExchange to automate all key parts of the onboarding process. Also, with Marketing Cloud Jayride has been able to automate alerts to let transport companies know if more information is required or if their listing on is complete. Specific productivity savings include hundreds of hours saved in the preparation of new contracts, a 50% reduction in emails and phone calls to activate new transport companies, and a 10% savings in investigation and quality assurance activities. These and other incremental time savings when onboarding transport companies add up to an 85% reduction in manual processing.
“By utilising Salesforce, we were able to free up a lot of time spent on the manual processing of data and customising of contracts, and we’re now focusing more of our energy on building great relationships. Salesforce has also helped Jayride onboard over 1,500 new partners in the past year and a half, with the added benefit of detailed reporting to see how our transport companies are performing.” said McMillan.
Attracting and retaining new customers
By growing the list of transport companies on offer, and expanding to more countries, Jayride is able to offer travellers more choice than ever before. The results speak for themselves with an increase in passenger trips booked in Jayride’s new destination countries improving by over 400% from H1 FY19 to H2 FY19.
The company is continuing to utilise Marketing Cloud with a view to further increasing lifetime value and keeping existing travellers engaged. With forms set up across, the company can now capture customer details for traveller drip nurture campaigns. Jayride also conducts predictive analysis to determine the frequency of travel so that it can reach out to customers in the moments that matter, helping Jayride to remain top of mind when travellers are ready to book their next trip.
“Retaining travellers is a major focus for us and we know that helpful information delivered to the right people at the right time helps drive lifetime value. We’re driving value for travellers by providing transport options for wherever they want to go, and by using Salesforce to communicate important information at critical times throughout their journey,” said Cameron Foskett, Inbound Marketing Manager.
Jayride is also working to automate its transactional communication through Marketing Cloud — from the point the customer books their ride service online, all the way through to providing real-time vehicle updates at pick-up time, as the driver approaches, and beyond. Capabilities like Journey Builder and the flexibility of Salesforce to integrate with different apps and drive communication across different channels will help it to achieve this and ensure a streamlined customer experience.
Making work faster, smarter and easier
The efficiencies provided by Salesforce help Jayride continue to grow while also providing a better experience for team members. It saves them time by automating and simplifying daily activities, like onboarding transport companies and updating their account details. It also helps team members to keep pace with Jayride’s rapid expansion by prioritising tasks that drive the most value for travellers and transport companies.
These benefits and Salesforce’s ease of use have resulted in rapid adoption across the company, and Jayride is now using Trailhead and working with Salesforce on opportunities to expand the adoption of Salesforce solutions further.
“All teams internally have been very receptive to Salesforce and delighted by the efficiencies found in their day to day work. And as we look at leveraging more of the Salesforce platform, it will be about identifying those areas where people are struggling and making it faster and simpler for them to do the things they need to do,” said Foskett.
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