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Markets in Hong Kong You Must Visit

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You haven’t visited Hong Kong until you’ve haggled your way through the city’s iconic markets. With airport transfers now available in Hong Kong through, it’s time to shop ‘til you drop for souvenirs at the Ladies Market, pick up a piece of jewellery at the Jade Market, or wander through the laneways of pet birds at the Bird Market. Here’s our pick of the Hong Kong markets you should definitely check out while you’re there.

Hong Kong is a popular stopover destination for many airlines, but this whirring city, which juxtaposes old tradition and new technology, is a destination in its own right. Hong Kong International Airport, known as Chek Lap Kok Airport thanks to the island it’s built on, is located about 45 kilometres from Hong Kong Island, and about 37 kilometres from Kowloon on the mainland, north of Victoria Harbour. For a seamless travel experience, make sure you pre-book your airport transfer on to get straight to your hotel so you can explore these exciting markets as soon as possible.

Insider’s tip: Hong Kong’s markets are more than just a place to shop; they’re a quintessential Hong Kong experience, and are worth visiting for the atmosphere alone. If you’re planning to do a bit of shopping though, haggling is half the fun, so don’t be afraid to flex your bargaining skills with the stallholders.

Jade Market

Jade Street, Kowloon

Considered a stone of good fortune in Chinese tradition, you’ll find jade every which-way at the Jade Market in Kowloon. Shop for bracelets, necklaces, bangles, earrings, rings, pendants or traditional Chinese good luck charms, and take a piece of good fortune home with you.

Handy hint: While the best quality jade is pure green in colour and free from blemishes, you can also find brown, yellow, purple and white jade.

The Jade Market is a great place to pick out a jade souvenir

Flower Market

Flower Market Road, Kowloon

While the lead-up to the Chinese New Year is the most exciting time to visit the flower market, as locals bustle about seeking blooms to promote good fortune for the new year, the quaint flower market in Prince Edward, Kowloon, is worth a visit any time of the year. Immerse yourself in this forest of flowers; even if you’re not looking to buy yourself a bouquet, the colours and smells are sure to delight.

Bird Market

Flower Market Rd, Mong Kok

No, this is not a market where you can purchase a pet bird (you might have a bit of trouble bringing it back home with you, anyway!). Rather, the Bird Market, or Bird Garden, is a little nook in Yuen Po Street where you can listen to the melodies of song birds as their owners sit and preen their feathered friends. Listening to the cacophony of sounds is a truly delightful way to spend an hour one afternoon, so leave your haggling skills behind and enjoy the sweet symphony in a beautiful zen setting.

Listen to the sweet sounds of song birds at the Bird Garden

Ladies Market

Tung Choi Street, Mongkok

Calling all shopaholics; this one-kilometre stretch featuring more than one hundred stalls is Hong Kong’s quintessential market experience, and a shopper’s dream. While women’s clothing and accessories are the main event, it’s not just ladies who can practice their bargaining skills here. Watches, gadgets, souvenirs, homewares and Chinese knick-knacks are all for sale, so haggle to your heart’s delight and try to snap up a bargain.

Temple Street Market

Nathan Road, Kowloon

The dazzling neon signs of Nathan Road, the main artery of Kowloon, will be your first cue that you’re in the right place; the delicious wafting aromas of the surrounding open-air restaurants will confirm that you’ve arrived at the Temple Street Night Market. Hawking everything from electronics and gadgets to souvenirs and jade jewellery, this market perfectly captures the lively atmosphere of a true Hong Kong street bazaar. The surrounding restaurants are keen to feed enthusiastic shoppers, so bring your your appetite along with your haggling skills.

Grab a bargain at the Temple Street Night Market

Cat Street Antique Market

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island

If you’ve had your fix of standard Chinese curios and cheap clothing, then make your way to Hong Kong Island, where you’ll find the Cat Street Antique Market. Once a place where stolen goods were sold, and now named after the ‘cats’ who would purchase the stolen ‘rat goods’, as they were known, this quirky bazaar is a great place to find a treasure trove of goodies, from silk shawls and handmade wooden handicrafts, to – of course – antiques.

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