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How To Make Economy Flights Feel More Like First Class

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While flying first class is a pipe dream for most of us, it doesn’t mean your flight in cattle class can’t still be a touch glamourous. Here are 8 travel hacks to make any economy flight feel more comfortable and luxurious.

1. Spend time in the airport lounge before your flight

Think waiting for your flight in a luxurious airport lounge is a treat reserved only for first and business class travellers? Think again! There are plenty of ways to access airport lounges; from credit card perks to buying a day pass, and knowing where the independant lounges are. These days you don’t have to pay through the nose for annual airline membership to enjoy the comfort of an airport lounge. For tips and tricks for gaining access into these exclusive lounges, check out our article Airport Lounges: The Insider’s Guide.

2. Pack a carry-on cocktail kit

While you’re not allowed to drink your own alcohol on board flights, you can certainly jazz up the alcohol served on the plane. Nothing says glamourous like sipping on a champagne cocktail 4,000 ft in the air, and while most economy flights don’t offer such a luxury, it is possible to make it yourself thanks to these TSA-compliant carry-on cocktail kits. Inside you’ll find everything you need to make a delicious cocktail (minus the booze), so all you need to do is order a basic spirit during your flight and concoct your own cocktail. How fancy!

Add a first-class experience to your economy flight by making your own cocktails on board

3. Book the exit row

Ahhh, feel that extra leg room! If you want the luxury of being able to stretch your legs without competing for space with your personal belongings bag, then the exit row is a great option. While many airlines, especially low-cost carriers, will charge extra for the luxury of leg room, it’s usually worth it if you’d like more space. You’ll be asked if you’re fit and willing to assist in an emergency, and other than that your only responsibility is to sit back and stretch out your legs.

4. Invest in a lumbar pillow

Sitting down for all those hours doesn’t always feel great on our lower back, and while many travellers bring a pillow to support their neck, our lumbar spine needs just as much TLC. Not only is it better support for our bodies, but a lumbar pillow will make the journey much more comfortable. So pack one for your next flight so you feel comfy and supported. It’s win-win!

5. Pack some fancy toiletries

Aeroplanes are notorious for wreaking havoc on our bodies and skin; the recycled air leaves us with dry skin, blocked noses, chapped lips and tired eyes. Combat this by bringing a few luxurious toiletries to not only keep yourself looking and feeling fresh as a daisy, but also add a bit of glamour to the flight. Face mist, moisturiser, lip balm, gel eye patches, face masks; all of these self-care items will leave you feeling very first-class.

Packing nice toiletries, like hand cream, not only leaves you feeling fresh, but adds a touch of luxury to your flight

6. BYO food

Let’s face it, economy class aeroplane food is hardly conducive to opulence, and a re-heated, (often) carb-heavy meal halfway through a flight doesn’t always leave us feeling our best. The solution? Pack your own food for the flight. Many airlines are flexible with bringing your own sustenance onto the plane, and many airports now offer high quality food outlets. So stock up before you leave with your favourite food and actually enjoy your meal!

If you don’t mind eating the plane food, another option to feel a bit more VIP is to order a ‘special meal’; any meal that isn’t the default option. These meals almost always get served first, so you’ll get to tuck in before everyone else.

Handy hint: It’s always best to check your airline’s policy on bringing food onto a flight. If you’re flying to a country with strict quarantine laws, like Australia or New Zealand, any food you bring onto a flight needs to be consumed or thrown out before you arrive. If you are bringing your own food, be mindful of other passengers and try to avoid odorous food, or snacks that make a mess.

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If you want to feel like a VIP, order a ‘special meal’; your meal should be served before everyone else

7. Book a window and an aisle seat

Travelling with a friend and want an entire row to yourself? Book a window and an aisle seat, rather than two seats together. With any luck, no single travellers will book the seat between you, and if the flight isn’t sold out, you may just find an empty seat between you for the flight, allowing you to stretch out and enjoy a bit more comfort. And if it turns out you do have a passenger between you, chances are they’ll be more than happy to swap to a window or aisle seat, so you’ll still be able to sit together.

8. Arrive in style

So, your flight might not be first-class, but your ride to and from the airport can be! On you can compare airport transfer companies, so whether you’d like your own private car, or to splash out and arrive in a luxury vehicle or limousine, you can feel like a total VIP when you arrive to and from the airport. Browse private and luxury transfers on today to find your VIP ride.

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