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Must-Know Hacks For Business Travellers

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Last Updated on August 2, 2018

Travelling for business? Take note of these tips for business travel from those who know best – some of our team members and customers.

‘Always make sure your accommodation and your airport transfer are organised in advance – the last thing you want is to step off a plane and have no idea of where you’re going or how to get there. Also, take note of the climate you’re travelling to and pack appropriately. Remember that many hot, humid destinations have very cold air conditioning in most of the buildings, and vice versa for colder countries.’

Stephen Oakes, customer

‘Buy a neck pillow! The amount of people I see travelling without one… your head just flops all over the place and it’s near-impossible to get any sleep. Invest in a nice one and your neck will thank you. Don’t rely on aeroplane pillows either, as you never know if they’ve been washed or not.’

Gavin Dunn, Talent Manager

‘When packing your business shirts, roll your belt under the collar so it doesn’t flatten in your luggage. That trick has saved me from looking unkempt at business meetings after a long journey.’

Arron Child, customer

‘When travelling, I try and avoid checked luggage where possible to speed up the airport process, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. When I do check-in bags, I always pack an extra set of nice clothes in my carry-on luggage, as I’ve learnt the hard way that when your bags are not on the carousel at your destination, you’re stuck in the clothes you’re wearing until your bag is found or you can purchase some clean clothes. By packing an extra set of clothing, I always feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead, especially if I have a meeting to attend that day. Pack neutral colours that can be mixed and matched, and opt for wrinkle-free fabrics so you don’t arrive at your meeting looking dishevelled.’

Michelle Harfield, Partner Account Manager

Buy a neck pillow! The amount of people I see travelling without one… your head just flops all over the place and it’s near-impossible to get any sleep.

‘I always take some healthy snacks on the plane so I don’t have to resort to junk foods, which are often just simple carbs and make me feel drowsy – the last thing I want when I’m travelling for business. Anything high in protein that keeps my energy levels up always gets packed in my carry-on bags. Fruit is good too, as it’s often rich in antioxidants that can help combat jet lag. I just make sure I eat it all before landing, especially in Australia where they have strict quarantine laws.’

Julie Brument, Marketing Manager

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Investing in the right bag can be the difference between a smooth journey and having an awkward, clunky ordeal

‘Always, always back-up any important documents before you travel, as laptops, phones and tablets are at an increased risk of being damaged. Back-up everything securely in a cloud-based storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox to ensure that even if the worst happens and you lose your laptop while travelling, you can still access all of your important documents.’

Jason Vergara, SEO Manager

‘Pick an airline and a hotel chain and stick with them to rack up frequent flyer points and loyalty brownie points. Many hotels rely on business travellers to make up their bookings, and they often offer discounts on meeting rooms and room rates.’

Nobu Kasuya, Performance Media Manager

‘Pack a small first aid kit with paracetamol and anti-nausea tablets. I often get headaches when flying, so they come in handy when I need to feel my best when I land.’

Claire Simon, Content Marketing Manager

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‘Whatever you do, triple check that you’ve packed each necessary charger for your devices and that you’ve got the right power adapter. That goes for when you leave to go back home too – one of the most common items left in hotel rooms is chargers. Charge all of your devices before you leave so you’re equipped with a fully charged laptop and phone when you land, and check with your company’s privacy policies – you may want to install a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and ensure your devices (especially if they contain sensitive information) are password protected.’

Aron Lewin, Head of Customer Service

‘Invest in the right bag, it will make a huge difference. Suitcases that you can wheel along aren’t great on cobbled streets and can get in the way of others or even trip them up, and if they’re heavy they limit what you can actually pack. Purchasing a backpack with compartments, like the ones from Tortuga, provide organisational structure that can help your efficiency when trying to find something inside it.’

Daniel McMillan, Head of Marketing

‘Never take brand new shoes on a business trip! I once packed a new pair of gorgeous leather shoes on a business trip and during my free time went for a walk, only to end up with terrible blisters! Take nice shoes, of course, but make sure you’ve worn them in first.

‘Make use of the hotel safe, too – you don’t want to be wandering around the streets with all your valuables on you, and only take the amount of cash you think you’ll need for the day, plus a spare amount in a separate pocket. Then, just in case the worst happens and you lose that cash, you can still get a taxi back to the hotel.

‘And finally, if your hotel has a rooftop terrace or a business suite, try and use those instead of doing your day’s emails and admin from your hotel bedroom. The chairs will be better for your posture, there might be free coffee, and the rooftop will likely have a nice view while you work – a change of scenery is always a good idea if you’re on a work trip.’

John Simon, customer

What are your top tips for business travel? Let us know in the comments below.

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