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10 Top Tools For The Digital Savvy Traveller

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Last Updated on October 24, 2018

Technology is designed to make our lives easier, and travel technology is no exception. Here’s our pick of the must-have apps and websites you need to use whenever you go travelling, from booking an airport transfer to safely storing your digital files.

1. Splittr

Say farewell to awkward bill-splitting when dining in restaurants with friends or travelling in a group; Splittr lets you easily keep track of and split group expenses. It’s as simple as adding your expenses as you go, and Splittr will do the rest, telling you who owes what. Even better, you can use it offline, sync with friends, and all currencies are supported (you can even mix currencies, handy if you’ve got a multi-stop trip), so it’s perfect for group travel.

2. KeepSafe

KeepSafe is a PIN-powered photo locker app which allows you to store secure digital copies of important documents like passports, credit cards and health care cards as well as other valuable photos. This app gives you the power to control your digital content in the cloud, and is a convenient way to keep a copy of all your travel documents.

3. LiveTrekker

LiveTrekker is a very cool app that lets you create a visual diary of your travels. As you explore a new city, the app marks a red line along a map of your exact route, so you can easily rediscover places you find. You can then add pictures and videos, creating a multimedia souvenir of your trip to share with others.

4. WhatsApp

Keep in touch with friends and family back home without the astronomical phone bill. WhatsApp allows you to connect to the internet to send texts and make phone and video calls. Make sure you connect to WiFi though (most hotels and airports have free WiFi available), or you’ll end up with huge data roaming charges.

5. HappyCow

This one’s for all the travelling vegetarians and vegans, or those who are health-conscious when they travel. HappyCow is a restaurant guide that lets you find vegetarian and vegan dining options in more than 183 countries. You can find local restaurants that serve plant-based food, read reviews about local vegan and vegetarian restaurants and find health food stores. Even if you’re not vegetarian, this app is a great way to expand your dining options and try something new.

Delicious and healthy vegetarian food is so easy to find when you travel thanks to apps like HappyCow

6. Wolfram Sun Exposure

Especially useful when travelling to destinations such as Australia where the sun is quite harsh, the Wolfram Sun Exposure app lets you know how long you can stay in the sun before you start to burn, a UV forecast for your location, a recommended Sun Protection Factor (SPF) level and other features, based on the details you put in.

7. LoungeBuddy

Not travelling first or business class, but still want to relax in an airport lounge? No worries. LoungeBuddy allows travellers to search airports for available lounges that can be accessed regardless of class of travel or airline, read reviews, find out the amenities and benefits of the lounge, and also book your entry pass directly on the app.

For more tips for accessing airport lounges, see our Insider’s Guide to Airport Lounges.

8. Binaural

If you’re travelling across different time zones, download Binaural to help cope with the symptoms of jet lag. The app plays binaural beats that are known to help you relax, concentrate, meditate and sleep. Especially useful for business travellers who have impending business meetings and no time to be wide awake at 3am.

9. XE Currency

XE currency has had more than 20 million downloads since its launch and it’s easy to see why – it’s the go-to site for currency conversions. While the app sports features like rates for precious metals and currency charts, it’s useful for travellers as it’s able to convert every single world currency, so no matter where you go you won’t be exhausting your brain trying to convert currencies in your head. The bonus for travellers is that XE Currency saves your last updated rates, so you’re able to access that even when you’re offline and unable to connect to WiFi.


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What apps do you use when you travel? Let us know in the comments box below.

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